For the sake of Croatian society we need unity in the fight against all radicalisation and violence

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Tuesday received Oskar Fiuri, a policeman wounded in an attack on the government building a year ago today, saying he expected the authorities to get to the bottom of the motives of the terrorist attack and uncover everyone behind the gunman's radicalisation.

"For the sake of Croatian society and the strengthening of tolerance, we need unity in condemning that attack and in the fight against all radicalisation and violence," he tweeted.

The prime minister said Fiuri was recovering well and that his sacrifice deserved lasting respect and support. "I thank him for the courage as well as his family and doctors for the care provided."

In July, due to the fact that he was dead, the Zagreb County Prosecutor's Office dismissed the charges against Danijel Bezuk, 23, who committed suicide after wounding Fiuri, 32, while shooting at the government building in St. Mark's Square on the morning of 12 October 2020. It was established that he had no accomplices nor instigators.

After the shooting, Bezuk took off and just before committing suicide not far from the scene of the crime shortly after that, he posted a message on social media that said, "Enough of fraud and ruthless trampling of human values without any accountability."

Before it was deleted, the post was supported by more than 1,000 people who, in their comments below it, spread hate speech and incited to violence.

Text: Hina