Government allocates HRK 6.5 m to Sisak-Moslavina County

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The government on Thursday allocated HRK 6.5 million (€867,000) to help Sisak-Moslavina County in the remodelling of buildings to temporarily house people left homeless by last year's earthquake.

The decision was made after the county administration asked the government for help. The allocation was made possible after a reallocation of funds in the budget of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets.

"Sisak-Moslavina County plans to renovate six County-owned apartments and complete the investment in the student dormitory in Sisak. Families of three to seven will be accommodated in these apartments, depending on their size, while 64 persons will be accommodated in the total of 32 rooms in the student dormitory in Sisak," Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Darko Horvat said.

The cost of conversion of the vocational school in Sisak into the student dormitory is estimated at slightly less than HRK 6 million, while the rest of the amount will be spent on the renovation of the apartments for temporary accommodation.

The government sent a statement to Parliament dismissing the allegations made in the proposal for a vote of no confidence in Finance Minister Zdravko Marić. The proposal was put forward by 34 opposition MPs because this summer Marić had spent some time on a yacht owned by businessman Blaž Pavičić. The opposition claims that Marić lied that Pavičić is not doing business with the state.

The government also sent to Parliament the proposal to amend the Right of Access to Information Act, which aligns national law with the EU directive on open data and the re-use of public sector information.

Text: Hina