Plenković: I am appalled by the Croatian members of the INA Management Board silence

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said after a cabinet meeting on Monday that he had called for the resignation of the entire INA Management Board, including the Croatian members, adding that a solution would be found for their dismissal without high severance pay.

"The Hungarian side has understood our message very well and we expect the same from the Croatian members of the board," said Plenković.

He underscored that the INA gas resale scandal has caused great damage to INA's reputation and to the state. He added that he was appalled that not one of the Croatian members of the Management Board had come forward and made a statement in the last four weeks.

"I see this as a disqualifying factor, and they will be dismissed," Plenković said.

He added that there is a way for them not to receive severance pay and that more will be known after a meeting of the INA Supervisory Board, scheduled for Wednesday.

As for assisting businesses due to the gas price hikes, Plenković said that assistance is being sought at the European level, where Croatia is advocating a cap on gas prices and that the ministers in charge of energy will discuss the matter later this month.

Text: Hina