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In a press conference after the Government session today, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković adressed key session topics; he explained the rationale behind fuel price limitation and talked about changes to post-quake reconstruction law.  

Plenković also commented on last year's attack on the government building during which a police officer was wounded.

"I expect the police and DORH (State Attorney's Office) to do everything so that we find out who radicalised the young man who committed a terorist act, from whom he got the gun, who taught him to use that weapon. That doesn't happen spontaneously, that someone aged 22, unprovoked, should commit such an act and almost kill a Croatian policeman."

Plenković said his statement was not pressure but a call on DORH and the police, an expectation from the authorities because, he said, the chapter was not closed and additional steps forward were necessary.

"I believe it was a terrorist attack. He didn't shoot at a bar, a restaurant, but at the building of the Croatian government. He shot at a number of police officers, he shot at windows, at the Legislation Office where lawyers sit," he added.

Text: Hina