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Heroic battle of Vukovar inspiration for Croatia's development in the future The Battle of Vukovar was a turning point in the war for Croatia's freedom and independence, and its participants were heroes who deserve admiration, it was said at an event marking the 30th anniversary of the battle in Vukovar on Saturday.  18.09.2021. | News
Investment rating confirmation of good gov't policyPrime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Saturday the affirmation of Croatia's investment rating and forecast of a 6.5% economic growth this year were a confirmation of the government's good policy, which retained Croatia's economic and financial stability during the pandemic. 18.09.2021. | News
Plenković: Membership of EU MED group will increase Croatia's influenceMembership of the "Mediterranean club" will increase Croatia's influence on processes and bilateral relations with other participating countries, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said ahead of the 8th EU MED Summit in Athens on Friday.  17.09.2021. | News
Eight of nine people who have died in past 24 hours were not vaccinatedCroatia has seen a 39% increase in the weekly number of coronavirus cases, and the number of hospitalisations is increasing, the director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, warned on Friday. 17.09.2021. | News
80% of deceased were not vaccinated, COVID certificates in health institutions are a reasonable way to go More than 420 people had to be hospitalised for COVID-19 over the past week and more than 77% of them had not been vaccinated. 16.09.2021. | News
Božinović: No one can say how migrant situation will unfoldInterior Minister Davor Božinović said on Wednesday that no one could say how the situation with Afghan refugees would unfold, but that the police were doling all in their power to keep Croatia safe. 15.09.2021. | News
Changes to the Reconstruction Act would make the process faster and more efficientPrime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday he himself was not satisfied with the pace of post-earthquake reconstruction because the government had secured the necessary funding "promptly", but he stressed that changes to the Reconstruction Act would make the process faster and more efficient. 15.09.2021. | News
Plenković: We don't fall for Vučić's provocationsSerbian President Aleksandar Vučić's call on all Serbs to display the Serbian flag today is a provocation for which the Croatian government will not fall, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday, commending the stand of SDSS president Milorad Pupovac and Deputy PM Boris Milošević. 15.09.2021. | News
PM confident Croatia will be ready to join euro area on 1 Jan 2023Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Monday he was confident Croatia would be ready to enter the euro area on 1 January 2023. 13.09.2021. | News
COVID certificates to be mandatory in hospitalsAll medical workers will soon have to have COVID certificates or be tested once a week, Health Minister Vili Beroš said on Friday, adding that as of Monday the public would be informed differently about the COVID situation in Croatia. 10.09.2021. | News