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Plenković: Preventing illegal migration is the main topic of the EU MED-9 summitPreventing illegal migration will be the main topic of the leaders' summit of the Mediterranean EU member states in Malta, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said upon his arrival in Valletta, noting that illegal migration bring numerous European countries into serious political problems.
  29.09.2023. | News
Plenković: By becoming a member of the OECD, we will achieve all strategic goalsPrime Minister Andrej Plenković met today with the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mathias Cormann, who then, together with the Minister of Finance Marko Primorac, presented the first Economic Review for the Republic of Croatia for joining that organization. 21.09.2023. | News
Plenković and Varadkar: Very good bilateral relations between Croatia and IrelandIn Dublin, the Croatian and Irish prime ministers discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, evaluating them as exceptionally good. Plenković expressed satisfaction with the development of trade relations. Croatia and Ireland strongly support Ukraine, and the Russian aggression against that country has given a new impetus to the expansion of the European Union, said Prime Ministers Plenković and Varadkar. 12.09.2023. | News
Plenković: The goal of cohesion policy is to accelerate the transformation of Croatia in all possible segmentsAfter ten years of membership in the European Union, Croatia has a surplus of almost 12 billion euros, that is, it has that much more left after what it paid as its membership fee - we paid 5.2 billion into the European budget, and withdrew 17.1 billion. "This is important for all those who think that we do not need the European Union and that it has not brought us anything good," Prime Minister Plenković pointed out today at the Conference on the Future of Cohesion Policy, reminding that Croatia has 25 billion euros available from European funds in this decade. 12.09.2023. | News
Croatia is committed to strengthening cooperation within the Three Seas InitiativePrime Minister Andrej Plenković attended the Summit of the Three Seas Initiative and the Business Forum in Bucharest.  He expressed Croatia's satisfaction, as a co-founder of the Three Seas Initiative, that topics such as security, energy, economic and transport cooperation between the member countries were discussed. 06.09.2023. | News
Croatia strongly supports Ukraine; we will provide a new military aid package of 30 million eurosDuring his stay in Greece, Prime Minister Plenković met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, to whom he once again expressed Croatia's strong support for the Ukrainian people, the authorities and all those fighting for the freedom and territorial integrity of Ukraine. He announced that Croatia would provide a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth around 30 million euros. 22.08.2023. | News
Bilateral relations between Croatia and Greece excellent and friendlyPrime Minister Andrej Plenković is on a two-day visit to Greece, at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The occasion for the visit is an informal dinner where the leaders of the region will exchange opinions on the further course of the European integration process of the countries of Southeast Europe, as well as on the stability and security of Europe in the context of Russian aggression to Ukraine. 21.08.2023. | News
Traditionally good and friendly relations between Croatia and Slovenia; The border dispute takes time to resolvePrime Minister Andrej Plenković met today in Banski dvori with Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Robert Golob, who was on his first official visit to Croatia. They discussed bilateral and economic relations between the two countries, energy cooperation and prevention of illegal migration. Two important agreements were also signed - on cross-border cooperation in the provision of emergency health care and solidarity measures to protect the gas supply. 14.07.2023. | News
Croatia will help Ukraine in the process of demining and responsibility for war crimesPrime Minister Andrej Plenković emphasized Croatia's unequivocal support for Ukraine and solidarity with the Ukrainian people on a panel as part of the Dubrovnik Forum 2023 International Conference. He also said that our country would use its experience to help Ukraine in the process of demining and responsibility for war crimes. He expressed his satisfaction that Ukraine received the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union and expressed his full support for the countries of Southeast Europe on their European path. 08.07.2023. | News
The potential of cooperation with the USA in IT, healthcare, metal and food industryAt the conference of the Association of Croatian-American Professionals, Prime Minister Plenković emphasized the importance of partnership and alliance between the USA and Croatia. The President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Luka Burilović, said that the greatest potential for cooperation between Croatia and the USA is in the IT and high technology sectors, healthcare, and in the metal and food industry. 06.07.2023. | News