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We are proud of Croatia's achievement; we have positioned ourselves in the very core of European institutions"Tenth anniversary of Croatia's membership in the European Union is an opportunity for all of us to say together how proud we are of the strategic achievements of the Croatian people and state in just over three decades of our independence", Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said at the ceremony which marked 10 years of Croatian membership in the European Union. 30.06.2023. | News
Croatia's position is that the funds reserved for cohesion policy should not be touchedThe position of the member states of the European Union that receive more from the European budget than they pay into it, including Croatia, is that cohesion funds should not be touched during the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework. I think such a message was understood, Prime Minister Plenković told reporters in Brussels today after the European Council meeting, where the main topics were Russia's aggression against Ukraine and continued support for that country, economy, migration, security and defence, and foreign relations. 30.06.2023. | News
The European path of the countries of Southeast Europe is important for the stability of the neighbourhoodSeveral important messages were sent today about the necessity of political dialogue, solving open issues, regional cooperation, investments in transport and energy infrastructure, and the desire of those countries that are not yet members to speed up their path towards the European Union, as well as towards NATO, Prime Minister Plenković said after the summit of the Cooperation Process in Southeast Europe in Podgorica. Prime Minister Plenković also met with the newly elected Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović, with whom he discussed bilateral political and economic relations. 27.06.2023. | News
Croatia and BIH are improving cooperation in all aspects, we resolve open issues in the spirit of partnership and trustAfter the joint session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers Borjana Krišto held a press conference where they reported on the most important conclusions from the session and answered several journalist's questions about current topics in relations between the two countries. 20.06.2023. | News
We will continue with the policy of reducing inflation and raising the economic and social standards of citizensPrime Minister Andrej Plenković attended the opening of the conference "Creating policy in turbulent waters: fostering resilience in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe", organized by the Croatian National Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Dubrovnik. Inflation, sustainable economic growth and solving energy problems in Europe were in the centre of attention at this conference. 03.06.2023. | News
We are sending a message of encouragement to Moldova for further reforms on its way to the European UnionUpon his arrival in Chisinau, where he is attending the second summit of the European political community, Prime Minister Plenković said that by choosing Moldova as the host country for that meeting, the first country outside the European Union, a message of encouragement for further reforms on the way to the European Union was sent to that country. As for the topics of the meeting, he said that the issues of security, energy and interconnection will be discussed, that is, all the topics that came to the fore after the Russian aggression against Ukraine. 01.06.2023. | News
It is crucial to maintain political unity of the West in terms of political, financial and military support for UkraineSpeaking about the Russian aggression against Ukraine and its consequences on the global economy, especially in the context of the energy and food crisis and inflationary pressures, Prime Minister Plenković highlighted several key aspects. With the leadership of President Zelensky and the Ukrainian government, the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian army and the people, it is crucial to maintain the political unity of the West in terms of political support, but also financial, economic and military support so that the Ukrainians can ultimately win the war. 31.05.2023. | News
Croatia is firmly at the core of the European project of peace, cooperation and solidarity, respected by its partnersOn the occasion of celebrating the Statehood Day and the tenth anniversary of Croatian membership in the European Union, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković pointed out that Croatian citizens should be proud of all the achievements in the first three decades of independence. They should also be pleased that in the tenth year of membership in the European Union we realized two goals of deeper integration by becoming a member of Schengen area and the Eurozone. "This means that we are firmly at the core of the European project of peace, cooperation and solidarity, that we are respected by our partners and that by using this strengthened international position we realize tasks and goals more easily and quickly," he said. 30.05.2023. | News
Council of Europe: United around common values and in solidarity and support for UkrainePrime Minister Andrej Plenković attended the 4th summit of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik. In his address at the Central Panel: "United for Europe", the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with participating in this summit, which, he said, confirms and emphasizes the values that form the foundations of the Council of Europe, namely the protection of human rights, democracy, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms. 17.05.2023. | News
Plenković: It is important that the whole of Europe becomes fully aware of the threat we are facing todaythe basis for the largest peace project on the continent. Emphasizing that today due to the brutal Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the legacy of that project is in a certain way called into question, he warned that it is important for the whole of Europe to be fully aware of the threat that requires strength, resilience, political leadership and determination. "The crises we have faced in the past three years, from the biggest pandemic in the last hundred years to the consequences of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, required responses both at the European and national level. Here, the European Union, and Croatia as a part of it, showed exceptional strength and responsibility," he said. 08.05.2023. | News