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Gov't adopted Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines 2020-2022The Croatian government projects budget revenues for 2020 at HRK 141.6 billion and expenditures at HRK 144.3 billion, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said while presenting the Economic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines 2020-2022 at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday. 01.08.2019. | News
Government needs to take account of financial sustainability, PM tells unionsPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday that the government treated all employees in health, educational, police and state administration services equally and needed to ensure the sustainability of the financial system. 01.08.2019. | News
PM talks presidential election, health unions, BosniaPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Thursday said that it was not clear to him how someone like Zoran Milanovic, a former prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party, who he said indebted the country for HRK 71 billion, could run for president. 01.08.2019. | News
Croatia to contribute to the implementation of the EC's program, with EU membership we continue to boost economic growthDuring a visit to Zagreb, newly-appointed European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday that she wants to rebalance the European Union that can be strong only if it is united. 30.07.2019. | News
PM attends Korcula Town Council meetingPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic attended a Korcula Town Council meeting on the occasion of Town Day on Monday, saying that this town on the southern Adriatic island of the same name had always been attractive and open and that many of its residents had made their contribution to Croatia's development. 29.07.2019. | News
PM attended Lazareti project conference in DubrovnikPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic participated in Dubrovnik on Sunday in the final conference of the HRK 33.8 million "Lazareti Project - The Creative District of Dubrovnik", in which the EU participated with HRK 26 million. 28.07.2019. | News
Culprits for Sibenik County wildfire must be brought to justice, says PMPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Sunday commented on the arrest of a woman suspected of starting a large wildfire in Sibenik-Knin County the day before, saying it was important that everyone responsible was brought to justice. 28.07.2019. | News
New round of tax reform to reduce tax burden by HRK 3.75bnPrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Friday unveiled a fourth round of the tax reform undertaken during the term of the present government, saying that it would reduce the tax burden by HRK 3.75 billion. 26.07.2019. | News
PM visits successful companies in MedjimurjePrime Minister Andrej Plenkovic began his official visit to the Medjimurje region of northwestern Croatia on Thursday in Prelog, visiting successful local companies.  25.07.2019. | News
Plenkovic congratulates Johnson on becoming UK prime ministerCroatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Wednesday congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wishing him a lot of success in leading his country in the run-up to the completion of the Brexit process, the prime minister's office said in a press release.  24.07.2019. | News