Demographic revitalisation is PM's priority

The government on Wednesday denied claims by MHS union federation head Vilim Ribic about Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic saying that emigration was "in" and that this was why people were leaving Croatia, adding that demographic revitalisation is and remains one of the government's priorities.

Addressing a press conference today, Ribic said that the current economic policy, with its unambitious economic growth plans, did not make it possible to implement population policy measures and that neither the president nor the prime minister had enough money for those measures.

"Plenkovic is saying emigration is in. People are leaving the country, everything is being undermined and brought into question, yet Plenkovic is using terminology as if that was fashionable, in," Ribic told a press conference, commenting on the government's and the president's demographic measures.

In its press release, the government underscored that from the very first day of his term, Plenkovic has been working on implementing the government's programme, which strongly emphasises the demographic revitalisation of the country, for which billions of kuna has been earmarked.

A total of HRK 1.9 billion has been set aside for natility measures.

"Mr Ribic, without any verification of his claims that Plenkovic is talking about emigration being in, is relaying untruths put forth in public over the past few days, given that Prime Minister Plenkovic has never, in any context, said anything similar to that. Demographic revitalisation is and remains one of the priorities of the Croatian government's work," the press release said.

Text: Hina