Piletić: System of protecting domestic violence victims has to be more effective

Family and Social Policy Minister Marin Piletić said on Thursday that the system of protection against domestic violence has to be more effective, expressed his regret over the recent femicide in Novska and condemned the violence in which "another family was literally destroyed."

Piletić, who was the Mayor of Novska before being appointed the minister, said today before the government's meeting, that it was difficult for him to talk about the case because he personally knew the victim and the perpetrator.

On Wednesday morning, a 39-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her 54-year-old husband in her shop in Novska. The man committed suicide before he was caught by the police. According to unofficial sources, the murder was preceded by a number of domestic disputes and the victim had reported her partner for threatening to kill her some 20 days ago.

Piletić said that the ministry has established that there were no registered reports of domestic violence in the social welfare system since 2000 when the perpetrator had a divorce case with his former wife.

The Ministry continuously implements media campaigns with the main message "this is a fate you wouldn't wish on your own daughter" and strengthens its own capacities by training employees and professional associates in the social welfare system, Piletić said.

He announced that he will continue to carry out activities with civil society associations and others who are interested so that this topic "is not relevant only when a tragedy occurs, but that anyone who has any information of domestic violence, reports it to the competent authorities."

Asked if a restraining order is a sufficient measure, he replied that it obviously isn't when a murder occurs, but that it is in most cases, so it is welcome. I cannot at the moment say whether it is sufficient, said Piletić.

Text: Hina