Diesel to cost HRK 12.29, petrol HRK 10.58 per litre as of Tuesday

As of Tuesday diesel fuel will be sold for HRK 12.29 per litre while petrol will be sold for HRK 10.58 per litre, the government decided on Monday, adopting a new decree setting the maximum retail prices of oil products.

Compared to their current prices, one litre of diesel will be HRK 0.59 cheaper while petrol will be HRK 0.01 more expensive.

Blue-dyed diesel, used by farmers and fishermen, will continue to be sold at HRK 8.49 per litre.

Economy Minister Davor Filipović said the government had decided to adopt a new decree today rather than in a week's time, as previously envisaged because last Thursday and Friday the price of diesel dropped on the Mediterranean market.

Without the government's interventions, diesel would cost HRK 1.98 more and petrol would cost HRK 1.94 more per litre, meaning that citizens would pay HRK 97 more for petrol and HRK 99 more for diesel for an average 50-litre tank.

Text: Hina