Changes to post-quake reconstruction law to be in fast-track parl. procedure

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Thursday that proposed amendments to the legislation on the post-quake reconstruction would make the process of rebuilding more propulsive.

The draft amendments, which were on the government's agenda today, envisage making administrative procedures simpler and decision-making faster.

The financing of structural renovation will fully be covered by the state budget in all quake-hit areas where a state of catastrophe was declared, while in Zagreb the government will cover 80% of the costs and the city administration the remaining 20%.

In order to make the whole process speedier, two laws -- the Law on State Inspection and the Law on the Protection and Conservation of Cultural Property -- will be amended, too.

The draft amendments were sent to the parliament to undergo fast-track procedure.

Presenting the envisaged changes, Construction and Zoning Minister Darko Horvat said that a total of 49,648 properties had been inspected after the two devastating quakes in 2020, and of them 10,600 were declared temporarily unfit for habitation, while 5,305 were declared completely destroyed.

By 20 September, individuals submitted12,346 applications for the reconstruction of 10,281 units, that is 316 buildings housing offices and flats, 515 blocks of flats, 100 business premises and 8,456 houses.

However, unsettled ownership and proprietary relations, which was an important subject matter of the current law, created backlogs in the processing of the applications.

The draft amendments are proposed to remove those bottlenecks, said Horvat.

They also envisage acceleration of public procurement

Text: Hina