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We got through global crisis without rise in unemployment and we won't let energy prices affect living standarsPrime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Saturday that his cabinet would not allow a decline in the living standards of the Croatians due to the energy prices, now when the funds for the post-coronacrisis recovery were secured. 16.10.2021. | News
We are dedicated to solving daily problems of our citizens, this is our mandate and responsibilityIn a press conference after the Government session today, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković adressed key session topics; he explained the rationale behind fuel price limitation and talked about changes to post-quake reconstruction law.   14.10.2021. | News
Changes to post-quake reconstruction law to be in fast-track parl. procedurePrime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Thursday that proposed amendments to the legislation on the post-quake reconstruction would make the process of rebuilding more propulsive. 14.10.2021. | News
We'll limits retail price of petrol to HRK 11.10 and of diesel to HRK 11.00The Croatian government passed a decree on Thursday limiting the retail price of petrol to HRK 11.10 (€1.48) per litre and the price of diesel to HRK 11.00 (€1.46) per litre for the next 30 days. 14.10.2021. | News
Gov't following fuel price developments, there's room to interveneThe government is following developments with fuel price rises, the relevant ministers have been tasked with following the situation in detail, and there are also tools for an intervention if necessary, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Tuesday. 12.10.2021. | News
For the sake of Croatian society we need unity in the fight against all radicalisation and violencePrime Minister Andrej Plenković on Tuesday received Oskar Fiuri, a policeman wounded in an attack on the government building a year ago today, saying he expected the authorities to get to the bottom of the motives of the terrorist attack and uncover everyone behind the gunman's radicalisation. 12.10.2021. | News
Plenković: France is our partner and we will intensify our cooperation even further Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said at talks with visiting representatives of French employers on Monday that his government had done its best to protect jobs during the coronavirus crisis, noting that there were now 50,000 more jobs than before the crisis. 11.10.2021. | News
Gov't to continue with food aid to earthquake victimsPrime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Monday after a session of the party leadership that all people in the earthquake-hit Banovina region would continue receiving food aid, noting that reports to the contrary were a communication glitch. 11.10.2021. | News
Janša and Plenković: Croatia's entry into euro area will boost economic cooperationDuring their participation in the "Tourism 365" conference in Tuheljske Toplice on Friday, the Croatian and Slovenian prime ministers confirmed the very good bilateral relations and confidence that Croatia's admission to the euro area will improve economic cooperation between the two countries. 08.10.2021. | News
Sabor marks its day, commemorates decision to sever ties with SFRYThe Croatian parliament on Friday held a special session to commemorate its day, 8 October, when in 1991 it made a decision to sever all state and legal ties with the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), whereby Croatia was declared an independent state. 08.10.2021. | News