Agreements valued at HRK 8.5 mn signed in Knin to support entrepreneurs

Eleven agreements were signed on Monday in Knin to support entrepreneurs in the areas of Knin and Benkovac with EU grants worth HRK 8.5 million.

The agreements were signed by Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Marko Pavic and representatives of 11 companies.

Pavic said that the funds would contribute to encouraging young people in the area stay there as the funds were earmarked for job creation.

"These agreements support entrepreneurship, trades and companies and the HRK 8.5 million will help create 20 new jobs and preserve 32 more," Minister Pavic said.

He explained that the funds were earmarked for areas formerly affected by the war.

Pavic expressed satisfaction that the agreements were signed in Knin on Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Veterans.

He announced that new agreements, worth more than HRK 22 million, would be signed for the Knin area soon.

Text: Hina

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