Agrokor's restructuring process did not cost taxpayers a single kuna

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Plenkovic said that the settlement on the restructuring of the former Agrokor conglomerate must be honoured.

"The settlement will certainly be honoured by the newly-formed Fortenova Group, and the obligation to pay the border debt, as agreed under the settlement, will be honoured," the PM said, adding that this was not questionable and that neither the Fortenova Group nor suppliers had doubts about it.

He said that it was important that the management and suppliers reach an agreement and that the government would help them agree on the pace of payments. He said that Economy Minister Darko Horvat was in talks with the management and suppliers and that he was sure that a solution would be found.

HRK 233 million worth of agreements signed

The meeting of the Council for Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem concluded with the signing of 17 agreements for development projects in the region, worth HRK 233 million (€31.5 million).

Plenkovic said that the next Council meeting would be held in Vukovar in the autumn.

Text: Hina

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