An excellent move for the security of the Croatian sky and state that has chosen the way to be a strong, credible ally

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Three Israeli F-16 Barak multi-purpose fighter jets landed at Croatia's Pleso military air base for the first time on Thursday, the Defence Ministry said.

The jets were welcomed into Croatian airspace by a Croatian airforce MiG-21 and accompanied to Pleso.

The jets landed in Croatia as part of a friendship visit by Israel's airforce to Croatia.

During their visit, the jets will take part on Sunday, August 5 in marking the Storm military operation anniversary and will fly over Knin, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic told a press conference.

Late March the government adopted a decision for the procurement of 12 F-16 C/D Barak fighter jets from Israel. The procurement is valued at HRK 2.9 billion, with Minister of Defence Damir Krsticevic describing the deal as one of the biggest decisions in the defence portfolio since the end of the Homeland War.

Text: Hina