Banožić: Synergy between army and companies is important

Addressing the Croatian defence industry cluster's assembly on Thursday Defence Minister Mario Banožić underscored the importance of synergy between the army and local companies, calling for the focus to be put on developing highly-technological and sophisticated military equipment.

In that regard, he in particular highlighted the HS Product, DOKING, Sestan–Busch and other companies that have become a synonym for innovation and quality not only on the local but also on the global market, a press release from the ministry said.

While chairing the Council of the European Union in the first six months of this year, one of Croatia's priorities was advocating the development of the industrial and research dimension of EU's defence, said Banozic, who also underlined the need for greater involvement of SMEs in the defence industry as well as a balanced distribution of funds between member states.

"Only with synergy between the Defence Ministry as a beneficiary, and the defence industry and scientific community as producers and other state administration bodies, can we create a strategy for future successful participation in the European and international market," said Banozic.

The ministry is actively involved and is assisting in the promotion of Croatia's defence industry, particularly through NATO, the EU's PESCO project and so on and in that light, Minister Banozic in particular underscored the international ASDA arms and military equipment exhibition.

It is necessary to develop highly sophisticated technology in military equipment and one example can be the advanced coast guard boat that Croatian experts have developed and built in Croatia's shipyards, Banozic said.

President of the Croatian Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster, Goran Basarac presented the association and its activities since 2013, its objectives and the importance of EU funds. The defence and security industry is an important clog in Croatia's economy. We are currently facing new challenged and the European Defence Fund is being established. The new 2021-2027 financial perspective is coming and we need to be prepared to see what that all means to the cluster, said Basarac.