Beros: Indirect indicators show virus has mutated

Health Minister Vili Beros said in Split on Wednesday that 92% of the newly infected people with COVID-19 are younger than 60 and that they do not have clinical symptoms, which is an indirect indicator that the virus has mutated.

"I read a scientific article about that but we won't speculate as the virus is with us and we are aware that we have to be responsible and cautious," Beros said.

Responding to questions from reporters, Beros said that all tourists who fall ill would be taken care of in health institutions, while those not exhibiting symptoms would need to self-isolate. That is why it has been suggested that quarantine areas be set up to accommodate such tourists, he added.

"Given that most of them will be in good condition, bilateral talks are being held with countries tourists are coming from to arrange their repatriation. I don't think that any country will prevent the return of their own citizens as long as they are ordered to self-isolate. We are also developing additional capacities for testing everyone in order to remove any doubt of them being positive or not," Beros said.

Reporters were interested whether any charges would be laid in the wake of the Adria Tour tennis tournament in Zadar where the first case was registered on Sunday when Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov admitted that he was infected with the novel coronavirus.

Beros said that repressive  measures were not in his remit but that he appeals to all organisers of similar events to ensure consistent observance of physical distancing, hygiene and other recommendations.

Beros confirmed that no new cases had been registered in Split-Dalmatia or Istria counties and that there were fewer new cases in Croatia today than yesterday.

Text: Hina