Božinović: All under control during the tourist season

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The head of the national coronavirus crisis management team, Davor Božinović, said on Monday that the three participants at the tournament have tested positive for COVID-19 after Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov was diagnosed with the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Božinović: We are fairly safe if we keep our distance

"We are in a situation that follows after a period of shutdown, when Croatia is opening its economy and  tourism...the fact is that if we all adhere to at least the basic measures, such as physical distancing, then we are fairly safe," said Božinović.

He said that he was certain that in the next few days people would become aware of the necessity to adhere to measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

Asked whether the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) presidency had considered postponing the parliamentary election, Božinović said that the matter had not been discussed and that there were no indications that it should be discussed.

"At the moment we have one of the most favourable epidemiological situations in Europe. At the moment we are the third country from the bottom regarding the number of deaths. We do not have anyone on a ventilator. We have a very small number of people hospitalised. If these aren't figures of the success of our work in managing this crisis, I don't know what is," he said.

Beroš: It's not the end of the virus, precautions should be mandatory for all 

Because of the spike in the number of coronavirus cases, Health Minister Vili Beros is going to visit Zadar General Hospital today.

"I am going to Zadar. Unfortunately it's not the end of the coronavirus and that's why precautions have to be mandatory for everyone. One should be responsible for oneself and for the others, particularly the youngest. Prevention is the priority," Beros said on Twitter.

Text: Hina