Bozinović: Constitutional Court has confirmed COVID response team's legitimacy

The head of the COVID response team, Interior Minister Davor Bozinović, said on Monday the Constitutional Court had confirmed the team's legitimacy, and reiterated that a Sunday work ban at the start of the epidemic had not been a political decision ahead of elections.

We have always been saying that the government is working in line with the constitution, he said. "Naturally, until the Constitutional Court delivers its decision, you can't be sure, but it's important that the Constitutional Court confirmed the legitimacy" of the national civil protection authority.

Speaking of the temporary Sunday work ban, Bozinovic said, "That wasn't a political decision. It was made on the basis of epidemiologists' estimates."

The Constitutional Court found today that said decision had not been in line with the constitution, that it had been legitimate but not proportionate. Bozinovic said he would not comment on that and that it remained to be seen how the court would explain its finding.

I'm sure that the public too understood that it was a decision dedicated to protecting people's lives and health, he added.

He said that by dismissing all other motions for assessing the constitutionality of the COVID response team's decisions, the Constitutional Court confirmed the team's legitimacy.

As for the opposition's criticism that the court was political, Bozinovic said the opposition's position was to criticise. "They will continue to criticise, but it's up to us to deal with this disease as we can."

Wearing masks outside not being considered

The minister went on to say that, for now, the response team was not considering introducing the obligation to wear masks outside.

Speaking of the number of new coronavirus cases, which was 65 on Monday, he said, "We hope we are going towards maintaining the curve and that it won't grow, but that depends on us all."

As for the decision of some local COVID response teams to abolish the obligation to wear masks in schools, Bozinovic said it was in line with guidelines. "Local teams can make such decisions. The situation is good now. If the number of infections drops in other countries, they too will adopt such measures." 

Text: Hina