Bradleys purchase continuation of policy of strengthening army's capabilities

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Thursday that the decision on the US$145.3 million procurement of Bradley fighting vehicles, presented the continuation of his cabinet's policy aimed at strengthening the Croatian Armed Forces' capabilities.

The government today authorised Defence Minister Mario Banožić to implement activities in the procurement of the Bradley vehicles as part of a project which Zagreb and the USA have been developing since 2017.

The decision on this purchase also strengthens our partnership and alliance with the USA, said Plenković.

Croatia to get 89 fighting vehicles instead of initially planned 84

The final deal is more favourable for Croatia financially and content-wise and brings about long-term benefits for the Đuro Đaković company, the premier said.

The initial offer was about 62 vehicles, of which only 28 should have been fully equipped, plus five vehicles for training and 17 for spare parts, and under the final deal, Croatia will get 62 fully equipped vehicles, five for training plus 22 for spare parts. On aggregate, we will be given 89 vehicles instead of initially planned 84, Plenković said.

Also, after the initial offer which included a US donation of 45 million dollars, the final arrangement stipulates a donation increased to 51 million dollars in the whole arrangement worth $196 million.

The US side will also donate an additional 11 million dollars for the upgrade of the vehicles.

Furthermore, the overhaul and modernisation of the vehicles will be conducted by the Đuro Đaković group in its factories in Slavonski Brod, in cooperation with the US-British BAE Systems company.

Text: Hina