Covid strategy rational, adequate and proportionate to the epidemic spread

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During Question Time on Tuesday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said that the strategy for containing coronavirus is "rational, adequate and proportional," to the ongoing epidemic.

The Prime Minister said that each country chooses its own strategy and Croatia's strategy is "rational, adequate and proportional to the dynamics at which the epidemic is developing."

"We are aware of the health reasons and needs to ensure that the state, society and economy continue functioning. We make decisions at the level of the government and (COVID crisis) response team proportional to what is currently occurring and that is how we will continue to fight the epidemic," he said in the national parliament.

"The only way to resolve this is to be responsible, to coordinate activities with other partners, to find a consensus in society in the fight against Covid-19," the premier said.

MP Zeljko Sacic of the Croatian Sovereignists (HS), was interested when Serbia would be asked to pay €43 billion of war reparations to which Plenkovic said, the "topic is on the table."

"Every time during meetings between Croatian and Serbian officials, we put this issue on the agenda, and we will keep doing that until the issue is resolved," underlined Plenkovic noting that that is also a part of a broader dialogue between the two countries.

"That issues is still with us and we are glad that you have put it to the fore," Plenkovic said.

Text: Hina