Croatia in permanent touch with EC in bid to find solution to INA law

Croatia's government is in permanent contact with the European Commission in order to find a solution to the issue of the incompatibility of the 2002 law on the privatisation of the INA oil company with the European Union acquis communautaire, and the solution will be "in compliance with the requests stemming from the acquis and will also provide sufficient protection of Croatian national interests in the field of energy security and stability, without any need for lawsuits".

The EC's decision was misinterpreted in media as a lawsuit against Croatia.

This is about the European Commission's move that finalises the administrative part of the procedure in connection with the non-compliance of the said legislation with the acquis.

The government and the Commission are in permanent contact about this issue, with the aim of finding a solution in line with the acquis and making sure that Croatia's national interests in the energy field are protected.

Amending the INA law is complex as the matter covers energy security and also the process of settling the relations between stakeholders in INA and the ongoing arbitration proceedings.

Text: Hina