Croatia to get 683.7 million € to remove consequences of Zagreb earthquake

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The European Commission on Friday proposed that Croatia be allocated aid in the amount of €683.7 million from the European Solidarity Fund to remove the consequences of a strong earthquake that hit Zagreb on March 22.

The first tranche, in the amount of €88.9 million, was disbursed in August in the form of an advance payment. The EC's proposal is yet to be approved by the Council and the European Parliament and the funds will be available right after that.

The aid for Croatia is part of a broader package worth €823 million which the EC proposed on Friday. The rest of the package is intended for removing the consequences of floods in Poland (€7 million) and advance payments in the amount of €132.7 million as assistance in coping with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus in Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Portugal.

Text: Hina