Croatian govt's shares priorities presented by EC president

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The Croatian government said in a press release on Wednesday that it considers European Commissioner President Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union address a valuable contribution to planning EU priorities next year, including industry, the fight against climate change, protecting citizens in the digital age and migrations.

"We share the view of the importance of identifying priorities for 2018 - trade, industry, the fight against climate change, protecting citizens in the digital age, migrations - which are at the same time significant for the growth of our economies and security of our citizens," the government said.

The government also welcomed the message about the importance of unity and inclusiveness of a stronger European Union.

"Unity in fact is the European Union's greatest strength and inclusiveness has to be the foundation of any agreement on the future of the European Union," the press release adds, citing freedom, equality and the rule of law as the main principles of the EU's future.

"These values have always been woven into our policies and activities, and in times of complex challenges that we are faced with it is necessary to additionally elaborate and agree what they mean for the future development of the European Union and for our citizens," the press release said.

The government in particular welcomed the further strengthening of equality of EU member states as well as the emphasis on security and protection of the EU borders, and enlarging the Schengen Area, "including through the noted importance of Croatia joining the Schengen Area as soon as it meets the criteria."

"We also welcome the part about strengthening the EU's global role as well as the importance of continuing enlargement subject to candidate states meeting the criteria, particularly those relating to the rule of law, judiciary and fundamental rights," the government said.

Text and photo:Hina