Croatian parliament votes confidence in new government

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Croatia got the new, 16th government after 79 MPs voted for the third cabinet to be led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, while 61 were against. After hours-long debate on the new government and its program, the vote of confidence was held with 141 MPs in the 151-seat Parliament taking part in the vote. The government secured the support of an absolute majority of MPs. Prime Minister Plenković and the 18 ministers - 15 of whom are from his HDZ party and three from the Homeland Movement (DP), a junior partner -- then took the oath.

The Ministry of Agriculture will change its name to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and will be taken over by the Homeland Movement (DP), while the former Minister of Agriculture, Marija Vučković, will head the new Ministry of Environmental Protection and Green Transition.

Former Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Damir Habijan will move to the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, which will also include digital transformation, while the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will be split into two departments, with the Homeland Movement being in charge of the economy sector.

Former State Secretary Tonči Glavina (HDZ) succeeds Nikolina Brnjac in the position of the Minister of Tourism and Sports. 

Vili Beroš remains at the helm of the Ministry of Health, Branko Bačić remains in charge of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction, and State Assets, while Ivan Anušić will keep his position as Defence Minister.

Davor Božinović remains the Minister of the Interior and Gordan Grlić Radman the Foreign and European Affairs Minister.

Marko Primorac will remain at the helm of the Ministry of Finance, Radovan Fuchs will continue as the Minister of Education, Science, and the newly added Youth, Marin Piletić as the Minister of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy, and Šime Erlić as the Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds.

Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Tomo Medved, and Oleg Butković, who have been members of Plenković's team since day one, namely for the past eight years, remain in the same ministerial positions.

Obuljen Koržinek continues as the Minister of Culture and Media, Medved as the Minister of War Veterans, and Butković as the Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure. 

Medved, Božinović, Butković, Bačić, and Anušić will continue to serve as Deputy Prime Ministers. Primorac will also receive a deputy prime ministerial position. It is already known that one deputy prime ministerial post will go to DP's Josip Dabro, making a total of seven deputy prime ministers.

Under Plenković's proposal, the newly established Ministry of Demography and Immigration will be headed by Ivan Šipić (DP). Josip Dabro (DP) will be the Minister of Agriculture, while the Ministry of Economy will be taken over by Ante Šušnjar (DP). 

Text: Hina / Government