Equal development, demographic revitalization and speeding up vaccination efforts common goals

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on Tuesday claimed that interest in inoculation against COVID was falling and called on newly-elected county prefects to help in accelerating the process of inoculation which is the only real protection against coronavirus.

I appeal to you to give an impulse for inoculation to continue at a better rate, the prime minister called on newly elected county prefects and Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević, representatives of the Association of cities and the Croatian Community of Municipalities.

The main topic of Tuesday's meeting was the continuation of partnership and cooperation between the government and local government units, the priorities of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the multiannual financial framework, the continuing dynamics of inoculation and preparations for the tourism season.

County prefects can help intensify the inoculation process through county public health centres, the prime minister underscored.

"Anyone who can be inoculated should do so. The sooner we have collective immunity the sooner we will work, develop and be more attractive to those thinking of coming here for the summer," said Plenković.

Plenković presented county prefects with the level of inoculation in Croatia.

"The City of Zagreb is the fastest, 46.7% of its citizens have received the first dose. Šibenik-Knin County has 31.4%, which is 15% less. It would be good for that to be equal. Croatia has a 39.8% rate of inoculation with the first dose and 17.2% completely," said Plenković.

The ambition is to have 50 to 55 percent inoculated with the first dose by 30 June. The prime minister thinks that is realistic and as he said, that comprehends inoculating something more than 300,000 people.

"That is attainable. However, something that has been noticed is that interest in inoculation on a daily basis has decreased. That's obvious. Some citizens don't want to get inoculated, some think the pandemic is over. However there is no real protection against coronavirus other than vaccination," he said.

There are sufficient vaccines and the difference between expended doses and those that have arrived in Croatia is about 500,000.

"Take account that a hot spot does not emerge, that will be to the detriment of your reputation. That is why the process of vaccination is essential and I appeal on you to accelerate it. COVID certificates will help in that regard and that regulation enters into force on 1 July," said Plenković.

Reconstruction in the aftermath of the earthquakes and inoculation most important tasks

He said that he hopes that meetings like this will become regular and that nobody will refrain, adding that Croatia's balanced development and the country's demographic revival is the main aim.

He reflected on last year with the pandemic and earthquakes, underscoring that the pandemic has cost Croatia more than HRK 32 billion while the estimated damage of the earthquakes is estimated at HRK 128 billion with reconstruction in the aftermath of the earthquakes and the process of vaccination being the most important tasks.

Presenting the government's plans for the next three years he highlighted four objectives: opening the Pelješac Bridge next year, joining the Schengen Area in 2022, and  the euro area in 2023, and the procurement of fighter jets.

"They are four key things and topics that, along with earthquake reconstruction and economic growth, will be featured in the coming years," said Plenković.

Text: Hina