Gov't adopts action plan to ease administrative burden on businesses

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At its meeting on Thursday, the Croatian government adopted an action plan to ease the administrative burden on businesses in 2018, and Economy Minister Martina Dalic said that it contained 98 measures which would reduce the costs of businesses by HRK 625.9 million.

Dalic said that her ministry had set up a system and methodology to measure regulation costs with a view to their systematic reduction. She said it had been found that there were 570 different rules affecting economic entities and that they contained 1,800 different administrative obligations for businesses.

Last year an analysis of 200 rules found that there are 600 different obligations which generate a total regulation cost of HRK 5.1 billion for businesses, she said.

"The action plan to reduce the administrative burden this year contains 98 different measures and their implementation will reduce the total cost of the administrative burden by 12 percent or 625.9 million kuna," Dalic said, adding that this was the second such action plan. The first one was adopted early last year, and its implementation is expected to be completed within the next few months.

Text: Hina