Gov't increases support funding for winemakers hit by crisis

The government on Thursday amended the 2019-2023 national aid programme for the wine sector, whereby 13.18 million kuna will be reallocated for crisis wine distillation and storage.

The amount of 13.18 milion kuna (€1.7 million) remained unspent for the promotion of Croatian wines abroad and for investments in wineries and in wine marketing, and those funds had been initially ensured under the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund which has set aside a total of 93.19 million kuna for Croatia's national aid programme for the wine sector.

As a result of the changed scheme, a total of € 4.96 million, or 1.1 million more than previously planned, has been allocated for wine distillation in the times of crisis.

The measure for the storage of wines in times of crisis will increase by €659,200 to €1.2 million. 

Text: Hina