Gov't proposes raising amount for public offering prospectus, sends plant health bill to parliament...

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The Croatian government on Thursday sent the parliament a bill of amendments to the Capital Market Act, which proposes, among other things, raising the amount which makes the publishing of a prospectus for a public offering of securities obligatory, from five to eight million euros (kuna equivalent).

The government believes that the change represents an administrative relief for issuers and/or offerers and makes the issuing of securities cheaper while at the same time investors are given, in an information document, uniform and important information based on which they can make an investment decision.

The government has also proposed introducing an obligation to draw up an information document on an offering for all offerings of securities in the amount of between four and eight million euros, and the possibility of making a new type of prospectus - a more simple prospectus for small companies, with up to 499 employees and with small issues.

The government also proposes that crafts be allowed to provide the service of market mediation.

The government forwarded to parliament for a second reading amendments to the Postal Services Act which are aimed at encouraging market competition and increasing price transparency to reduce unjustified differences in prices of cross-border parcel delivery, and eventually lower prices of postal services.

The government today also sent a bill on plant health to the parliament which, among other things, defines a uniform plant passport that enables better protection against harmful organisms while at the same time facilitating the operation of entities working with plants.

The bill implements an EU regulation on protective measures against organisms that are harmful to plants.

Government accepts Hina Steering Board's report 

The government adopted a report on the work of the Hina Steering Board for 2018.

Last year the national news agency continued operating positively according to all criteria after it successfully underwent restructuring in 2013, said Culture Minister Nina Obuljen Korzinek.

"The thing that is good is that the number of services Hina provides has been growing," the minister said, noting that in 2018 Hina delivered more than 200,000 audiovisual items (texts, photographs, audio and video recordings), and that it was increasingly active with the content it was providing on social networks.

Text: Hina