Gov't sends to parliament draft National Security Strategy and homeland security bill

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The government on Thursday sent to parliament a draft National Security Strategy and a homeland security bill aimed at achieving security conditions for a balanced and continuing development of the state and society.

The security paradigm has significantly changed -- in the past countries were preparing themselves for defence against aggression and today we are facing new threats and challenges, non-conventional threats, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters, hybrid activities, etc, and the country must have combined answers to those threats, Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic said. "We must be able to predict, recognise and prevent," he stressed.

The responsibility for security today has been widened, Krsticevic said adding that Croatia needs "Partnership for Security" to reduce the vulnerability of the state and society.

The strategy foresees four national interest and nine strategic objectives aimed at supporting  the realisation of these national interests and in accordance with the conditions of the strategic environment.

National interests defined by the strategy are security, well-being and prosperity, national identity, international reputation and influence and equal position, sovereignty and survival.

Strategic objectives are achieving the highest level of security and protection of the population and critical infrastructure, the establishment of the homeland security system, development and maintenance of strong and active defence, ecological Croatia and the development of a strong and sustainable economy.

Other strategic objections are demographic revival and revitalisation of Croatian society, the development of a citizen-friendly state administration and strategic communication, protection, strengthening and promotion of the highest values of the constitutional order and Croatia's national identity, strengthening of international reputation and influence of the country and the protection of survival, identity and political subjectivity of the Croat people as a constituent people of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the protection and support to Croats abroad.

Eight round table debates were held prior to the drafting of the national strategy, one of which was with NATO representatives.

The Homeland Security Act sets up a homeland security system to systematically manage security risks important for national security and actions in crisis situations.

The law regulated a coordinated use of existing resources, aimed at facing security risks and defining support to crisis management, Krsticevic said.

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic issued a statement, praising the government's efforts invested in drafting National Security Strategy and the homeland security bill.

Text: Hina