Government meets in Knin

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The Croatian government met in Knin on Friday, ahead of a Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day parade in that town on Saturday, and Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said at the start of the session that he was pleased that a bill on Homeland War veterans and their families would be adopted at the meeting.

"The bill is the result of our programme and our desire to have an equitable and comprehensive law that will regulate the rights of war veterans and their families in a fiscally sustainable manner. The new law will fill in the blanks and rectify the existing shortcomings and injustices," Plenkovic said.

Sibenik-Knin County head Goran Pauk thanked the prime minister for holding the cabinet meeting in Knin. He said that the county was evenly developing in all areas and that its diversity offered the potential for further development.

Pauk said that it had not always been easy, given that Sibenik-Knin County had been one of the regions hardest hit by the 1991-1995 war. "However, the rate of growth now is such that no one can stop it. GDP has grown from 29,000 kuna per capita in 2000 to 61,500 kuna per capita, and the development index has increased from 63 to 81 percent," he added.

Pauk said that over 10 million kuna had been invested in infrastructure, adding that the priority now was to build a fast road between Sibenik and Knin via Drnis. In this regard, he asked the government for help, saying that this road was the main artery for the county. 

Pauk also mentioned excellent results in tourism, saying that his county has seen a 17% increase in tourist arrivals this year compared with last year.

Plenkovic said that today the government would sign 14 contracts for projects worth 180 million kuna for the development of Knin and the county.

Text: Hina