HUP and the Government on reactivation of the economy, liquidity of companies and preservation of jobs

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Banks need to accelerate lending activities so that the enterprise sector can be provided in a timely way with sufficient liquid and operating capital for a stronger boost, it was said during a meeting of the government with the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) on Monday.

After the meeting in Zagreb, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said that this was one in a series of regular meetings on the current economic developments, convened to analyse what had been done thus far regarding measures to support the economy and there was also talk of what still needed to be done.

We agreed on the most part, particularly with regard to securing further liquidity via commercial banks, the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), the Croatian Agency for SMEs, and on continuing, deepening and accelerate procedures to approve loans, and we have also agreed to secure sufficient funds for those schemes to be implemented, Maric underscored.

He recalled that over the past few weeks the government had released several schemes which had also been approved by the European Commission related to the regime and treatment of state aid.

HUP President thanks govt for April rescue package

HUP President Gordana Deranja assessed the meeting as very constructive and open. She thanked that government for all it has done until now and the measures adopted in April.

Deranja underlined that one of the topics discussed at today's meeting was jobkeeping measures in the future, the issue of liquid funds to restart the economy and turning to domestic consumption in a way that the state and local communities do not suspend investments.

When it comes to ensuring liquid funds, Deranja believes that the government had done its part and now it is up to commercial banks to accelerate procedures. She announced talks with the Croatian Banking Association (HUB) in that regard.

Answering the questions from the press, Maric said that data on fiscal receipts indicate the effects of the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions on the economy.

He said that prior to its dissolution the parliament adopted this year's budget revision, whereby the implementation of all the measures adopted so far. was ensured. He recalled that the jobkeeping measures had not been foreseen in the original budget.

Text: Hina