Minister: Education is key to solution of the Roma issues in Medjimurje

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Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic on Tuesday held a meeting with county and municipal heads and ethnic Roma representatives in Medjimurje County following a recent rally at which about 1,000 people gathered to raise public awareness of what they labelled irresponsible, dangerous and criminal behaviour in their community, pointing the finger at state institutions which, they said, had failed with regard to the local Roma community.

"Only when we define the problem together with all its aspects, we can seek right solutions," said Bozinovic today and insisted that education is the key to making efforts aimed at Roma integration successful.

If a mere four out of 318 secondary school students (of the Roma background) manage to finish school, than something is seriously wrong, he explained.

By dropping out of the school young people are disadvantaged on the labour market and that needs to be solved, Bozinovic said.

Occupations which Roma members traditionally pursue are not competitive in the 21st century, he said.

During his visit to Cakovec he said that additional staff would be added to the local law enforcement authorities, and also promised stepping up inter-departmental coordination and cooperation with the county and municipalities concerned.

Thus, a higher number of community police officers is expected.

County Prefect Matija Poavec said he expected the local social welfare services to be sufficiently staffed so that they can check how welfare vouchers are spent.

Posavec  expects the education and justice ministries to be more engaged in solving the problems.

The deputy head of Pribislavec municipality from the Roma minority, Zeljko Balog, reiterated his criticism of the work of ethnic Roma parliamentary deputy, Veljko Kajtazi in the Sabor.

 He said that Kajtazi cannot represent Medjimurje Roma as he does not understand them.

Text: Hina