Minister presents law aimed at promoting lasting memory of Vukovar

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Veterans' Affairs Minister Tomo Medved on Wednesday said that a bill on proclaiming Vukovar as place of special Homeland homage, would preserve a lasting memory of Vukovar's victims in the 1991-1995  Homeland War and would also encourage the development of this eastern town in all aspects.

Vukovar has an especially important role in Croatian history and represents a symbol of resistance and unity in the Homeland War, Medved said presenting the draft bill which will be put up for public consultation on Thursday.

He underscored that Vukovar has become a symbol of the young Croatian state and of the struggle of the Croatian people and citizens for freedom, national independence and territorial integrity.

The adoption of that bill will create a legal and political framework for Vukovar's special status.

"One of the bill's objectives is to preserve a lasting memory of Vukovar's victims in the Homeland War but also to encourage its social development in all aspects," he said.

According to Medved, the bill defines the notion of special homeland homage and the area that that refers to  - the City of Vukovar and Bogdanovci.

The National Memorial Hospital in Vukovar too would be defined as a place of special respect.

The Homeland War Memorial Cemetery is defined as the central place to pay special homage to the homeland and the central place to pay tribute to all who participated in the endeavours to establish an independent Croatia.

Medved announced that under the law a special 15-member inter-ministerial task force will be set up for promoting the cause of peace and development. The members wil be appointed by the government for a four-year-long term.

Funding for the implementation of the law will be provided from the state and local government budgets, he added.

Presenting a bill on transferring the ownership over the Vukovar County General Hospital and Croatian Veterans' Hospital to the state, Health Minister Milan Kujundzic said that that would mean the local hospital would become the National Memorial Hospital.

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