Plenkovic announces meeting with President Juncker in February: Croatia to reach an agreement solution with Slovenia

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The Special Expert Commission (PSP) on the implementation of the education, science and technology strategy has hammered out the text of the action plan which the Ministry of Science and Education will put to public consultation, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced at the start of a cabinet meeting on Thursday.

"Science and Education Minister Blazenka Divjak and I, together with the members of the PSP, have held a meeting at which the text of the Action Plan was agreed. The Ministry of Science and Education will put it to public consultation on Monday and will invite applications for an Expert Task Force (for curriculum reform)," the prime minister said.

Plenkovic said that this would provide fresh momentum to the education reform, which he described as one of the key reforms on the government agenda.

Plenkovic said he believed the "new, functional Expert Task Force" will be operational within the next two or three months and that a certain number of schools would start provisionally implementing the new curriculum as of next school year.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday he would meet European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and all his commissioners next months to brief them about Croatia's positions and approach to resolving its border dispute with Slovenia.

"According to an arrangement with EC President Juncker, I will have a special meeting with him and the entire college of the European Commission in mid-February at which we will put on the table all relevant issues important for Croatia with regard to our EU membership, including our relations with our neighbours," Plenkovic said, adding that this would be an opportunity for Croatia to once again explain its positions and approach to resolving the border row with Slovenia.

Slovenian President Borut Pahor met with Juncker this past Monday.

At the start of the government session on Thursday, Plenkovic reiterated that Croatia's position on the border dispute with Slovenia was clear and "well-communicated with all our partners, including Slovenia."

"We stand by our position which aspires to reaching an agreement solution on border issue. We have sent those messages to our EU partners," Plenkovic said.

He also said that with its moves, Croatia had shown great responsibility and restraint, it firmly represented its interests while respecting good-neighbourly relations and avoiding any unilateral moves that could lead to incidents.

Plenkovic also said that communication with fishermen in Savudrija Bay was very good.

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