Plenkovic commends speedy erection of medical camp outside Dubrava Hospital

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic visited the medical camp erected outside the Dubrava Hospital in Zagreb on Friday, underscoring that Croatia has prepared something that no other European country has.

The medical tents erected outside the hospital will be able to accommodate 250 patients with an additional 300 accommodation units in two annexes and, if need be, the entire hospital will be transformed into a respiratory centre to treat patients in case the COVID-19 epidemic escalates, Plenkovic said.

As far as the donation of 11,500 tonnes of protective medical equipment is concerned, that was a donation by an anonymous sheikh, he said.

Health Minister Vili Beros said that the facilities at Dubrava Hospital would be put to use when the Fran Mihaljevic Infectious Diseases Hospital becomes fully occupied.

"We have precise plans, when the Infectious Diseases Hospital becomes filled to capacity, and it has 40 ventilators, with only one in use at the moment, then we will begin using these premises and we hope that the scale of the disease will not be such that we will have to use them," Beros said.

He explained that the medical tents outside Dubrava Hospital and additional accommodation units in the Arena Hall in Zagreb were designed so that patients with serious and medium symptoms are not dispersed throughout the entire hospital system.

The Arena premises are planned as a secondary centre for patients with mild symptoms who do not require oxygen or other forms of treatment.

For now 500 beds will be put in place in the Arena but if need be it can have a capacity of 1,400.

Text: Hina