Plenković: Interest in vaccination has fallen, we have to do our best to increase it

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Friday that citizens' interest in vaccination has fallen, according to data he presented to the government, and underscored that it is no longer realistic to expect 50% of the population to be inoculated by 30 June.

"Citizens' interest for vaccination has fallen," said Plenković at a cabinet meeting where the latest data was presented, and he called on citizens to get vaccinated.

He underscored that the government had secured sufficient quantities of vaccines and 3,300,000 doses will have arrived in Croatia by 30 June.

"That's why it would be truly important for everyone who wishes to, to get vaccinated. I call on citizens and county public health institutes, family doctors and everyone involved to mobilise the population as much as possible to get vaccinated," said Plenković.

He warned that based on data, yesterday 7,448 people received the first dose while 45,600 received a second dose.

"That is not good. If that trend continues, we will not achieve 50% vaccination by 30 June, which is a shame. At the moment, we have 600,000 doses ready to be administered," he said.

Do not hesitate, the entire world is being vaccinated, all of Europe is being vaccinated. Croatia is a tourisr country. The best way to protect ourselves is for as many of us as a society to be vaccinated. In that way we will be attractive and safe for the arrival of foreign tourists, said Plenković.

It is logical that if we are asking tourists to have a certificate of being vaccinated, having recovered from COVID or a negative test, then the minimum we can do is to get vaccinated. That will contribute to health protection, the economy and financial stability of the country, he said.

"We have a lot of countries that are relatively close to us and have much fewer doses of vaccines available. I appeal to everyone to invest maximum effort for these numbers to increase so that we head into the tourism season as prepared as possible and that is to be protected with regard to health," said Plenković.

He also recalled Sisak-Moslavina County Day.

"An important county for us following the earthquake in Banovina, after all the situations that impacted its various aspects of economic transition, and it certainly represents a special priority for us, and in line with that, we will soon organise a meeting of a task force that is jointly headed by ministers Tramišak and Ćorić," said Plenković.

The task force's objective is to prepare an economic recovery plan and demographic revitalisation of that county, based on scientific data.

Text: Hina