Plenković: Social care system reform goal is efficient and fair system focused on its users

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At the start of Thursday's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said that the government would endorse a package of bills overhauling the social welfare system.

The set of seven bills has already received a first reading in parliament, and the government will today send them for a second reading.

"The aim is to ensure an efficient and fair system of social welfare with the focus being placed on beneficiaries," the premier said.

The government is committed to strengthening the social welfare policy and social solidarity towards the most vulnerable social groups, he added.

Financially speaking, the outlays for social welfare beneficiaries in 2022 will be HRK 500 million (€67,000) higher than in 2021, he said.

Plenković recalled that Croatia would mark the 30th anniversary of its international recognition and the 24th anniversary of the peaceful reintegration of its Danube region on 15 January.

Celebrations of these important dates will be held in line with epidemiological protocols, he said.

Text: Hina