PM: Convention for highest standards in combating domestic violence, violence against women

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday he expected the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, which went into force this week, to strengthen Croatia's institutional, operational and financial capabilities so that the highest standards could be achieved in fighting against domestic violence and violence against women.

Coordinated by Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy Minister Nada Murganic, all sectors should be included in the implementation of the Convention, he said at a cabinet session, highlighting the judiciary, the Interior Ministry and education as well as all sectors which are important for the prevention as well as punishment of domestic and violence against women.

Plenkovic said he and "all other sectors" would give "full support" to Murganic "so that we can reduce that negative phenomenon in Croatia as much as possible."

He also commented on a recent meeting of Council of Europe legal consultants who commended the government's interpretive statement, which says that Croatia believes the Convention does not contain the obligation to introduce gender ideology in its legal and education system nor to change the constitutional definition of marriage.

Plenkovic recalled that the interpretive statement was part of the law on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and that it obliged all Croatian institutions. He said the praise it received at that meeting was such that "it is being said even at expert level that it could be used as a model to help other states during the ratification of the Convention in order to eliminate ideological and worldview topics in the context of an extremely negative phenomenon present throughout Europe."

He said the campaign by the Convention's opponents, who claimed that it would introduce gender ideology, had been defamatory to a great extent and full of incorrect information. "The Convention and its implementation make us join forces in preventing violence against women and domestic violence," he added.

PM again slams assault on Serb MP

Plenkovic again strongly condemned last week's assault on Serb minority MP Milorad Pupovac and again called for defusing tensions in society. "It was totally unacceptable, we condemn it and think we must work together on defusing tensions in society, on preventing hate speech, and constantly point out which political stakeholders in the country are serious and which are not, of which there are many in Croatia."

He said that in all its activities the government wanted to be a civilised, serious and responsible European democracy, in line with the values of the constitution and the government's programme. "That's why we must be a strong dam against such deviations that are happening in Croatian society."

Text: Hina