PM meets with association of independent mayors

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday met with representatives of an association of independent mayors to discuss a model for future cooperation.

Plenkovic was accompanied by Regional Development and European Funds Minister Grabrijela Zalac, Administration Minister Lovro Kuscevic and state-secretary in the Finance Ministry Zeljko Tufekcic.

"The most important thing is that we opened a new communication channel, not just individually as mayors but as an association. We were received well. Our proposals went in the direction for us to be partners to the government and to remain independent," the association's president, Ante Dabo said after the meeting.

He underscored that the association is not a political party. "We don't want to be that but want to cooperate with everyone, with political parties, with MPs and anyone who recognises our problems and we will work for the benefit of our citizens," Dabo said.

Minister Zalac said that the message of the meeting was openness and mutual cooperation for the well-being of the population of cities and municipalities that are represented by the association of independent mayors.

"Joint work, regardless of political platforms, needs to work for the benefit of the population in every local government unit," she said and added that mayors too want to be part of task forces that prepare bills such as those that refer to subsidised areas, the islands and mountainous regions.

Minister Kuscevic underscored that numerous associations are one of Croatia's wealth and one of these is the association of independents with whom he expects good cooperation.

Text: Hina

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