PM Plenkovic dismisses criticisms about joint press conference with Chief Prosecutor

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Wednesday dismissed criticisms that his joint press conference with Chief Public Prosecutor Dinko Cvitan was unconstitutional, saying that under the Constitution the principle of the separation of powers included cooperation.

PM Plenkovic opened a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday by commenting on remarks about whether it was appropriate for a prime minister and a chief public prosecutor to hold a joint press conference, saying that anyone who knows the least bit about the Croatian Constitution and the duties of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office (DORH) and the government "can certainly conclude that there is nothing questionable about it, let alone constitutional."

"Those are cheap political point scoring comments that forget that Article 4 of the Constitution explicitly says that the the principle of the separation of powers also includes forms of cooperation," the prime minister said.

Plenkovic recalled that the government and DORH were working together on numerous issues relating to international legal aid, cooperation with other countries in prosecuting war crimes, and protection of property rights both at home or abroad. "Cooperation and dialogue between the government and DORH is a continuous, natural and normal process," he said.

The PM dismissed "any insinuation about the government influencing the work of the Chief Public Prosecutor or public prosecutors in general."

Text: Hina