PM Plenković: More social optimism needed for demographic turnaround

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Reversing the negative demographic trend in Croatia, which has been going on since 1950, will take a long time and it is necessary to introduce more social optimism in order to change it, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said in Brussels.

After an emergency EU summit in Brussels, Plenković also commented on the data provided by the State Statistical Office, according to which only slightly more than 32,000 babies were born in Croatia last year.

"Unfortunately, this is the result of a trend that has been going on since 1950, when 95,000 children were born in Croatia, and in the last more than seven decades, that number has dropped to 32,000," Plenković said.

He recalled that the government adopted a strategy of demographic revitalisation in order to change the paradigm, to introduce more social optimism, which is "the key to what represents a turning point in changing the way of life and thus influencing the stopping of the negative trend that has existed for years regarding of natural growth."

He pointed out that Croatia has never been this strong politically, economically, and financially.

"This means that we need to translate all these new circumstances that also relate to the growth of the quality of life, economic and social standards, wages, into a slightly more positive view of what we have achieved, and thus have better effects on the issue of natural increase," Plenković said.
Text: Hina