PM Plenkovic says government continues to strengthen economic growth

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday the government was continuing to strengthen economic growth in three ways -- by improving conditions for doing business, strengthening the efficiency of state institutions and strengthening the investment potential.

Opening a conference called "Better regulations as part of reform agenda", Plenkovic said the government was working to reduce costs of doing business and improving the business climate. Plenkovic said the state was primarily a service for citizens and businesses, stressing that in that regard the quality of regulations was crucial.

"However, the changes and reforms we are talking about today are only some of the measures the government is taking to achieve its most important goal - a stable and long-term economic growth, which is the only true source of a stable and long-term pay rise and a better standard of living. We want to build a society in which our citizens, notably the young population, will have the same opportunities as their peers in developed EU member states, so that they opt to stay and work in Croatia, live off of their work and start a family," the prime minister said.

He underscored three areas through which the government was strengthening and accelerating the economic growth -- the improvement of conditions for doing business, the strengthening of the efficiency of state institutions and the strengthening of the investment potential.

The PM underscored a new action plan aimed at relieving the burden on the economy in 2018 would reduce the administrative burden on entrepreneurs by another HRK 625 million annually.

He spoke about the results of last year's tax reform, claiming it helped increase net salaries and purchasing power.

Plenkovic said that later on Friday the government would hold a meeting to discuss the National Reform Programme for 2018.

"I am confident we will make significant progress this year and that today's conference will help us hear the needs and expectations of the business community, trade unions and all citizens, notably those, whether domestic or foreign, who decide to choose Croatia as a country they wish to invest and achieve their business plans in," Plenkovic said.

Text: Hina

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