PM Plenkovic says in New Year message that structural reforms will be conducted in 2018

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has released his New Year message wishing the Croatians a happy and successful 2018, and recalling that the year ahead is supposed to be marked by the implementation of structural reforms in order to bring optimism to the society.

"The outgoing year has been full of political, economic and social challenges. We have been faced with problems that were the fallout of the economic transition, and we have taken responsible actions and find ways how to tackle those issues."

"Pursuing the policy of strengthening confidence in state institutions and preventing the further polarisation in the society, we have confirmed the significance of political stability as a prerequisite for economic growth, reduction of inequalities and for ensuring a better life to our people," the premier writes in the message.

He recalls that a series of reforms have been launched in 2017 to the end of reducing tax burden, raising salaries and pensions and parent benefits and introducing other measures to boost demographic revival.

In this context he mentions record results in tourism, further economic growth, lower public debt and budget deficit alongside growing employment.

In 2018, Croatia's government is supposed to enhance frameworks for production, doing business, legal security, competitiveness, investments, exports, education, inventions and job creation in dialogue with employers and trade unions, according to Plenkovic's message.

The implementation of structural reforms in the new year will reinforce our position as a responsible member of the European Union and an aspirant for membership of the Schengen zone and the euro area, he writes.

"I expect your support so that we can together build a prosperous and modern Croatia. Thus, we can instil optimism in our society which offers to all our families a good and dignified life, prospects for the young and security for pensioners," Plenkovic says, wishing health, satisfaction in private life and success to the Croatians in homeland and abroad.

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