PM Plenkovic sends messages to Serbia and Slovenia from cabinet meeting

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Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Thursday called on Serbia to protect the Croatian minority there and on Slovenia to refrain from any unilateral moves in dealing with the border issue.

"I clearly condemn the attack on the Croats in Sonta," Plenkovic said at the start of a cabinet meeting, adding that the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs had presented a note of protest to the Serbian authorities.

"We call on Serbia to protect its citizens of Croatian ethnicity," the Croatian PM said.

Given that the deadline for the implementation of the arbitration ruling on the border dispute with Slovenia expires on December 29 and the fact that Zagreb does not recognise the ruling while Ljubljana intends to implement it unilaterally, Plenkovic once again called for constructive dialogue.

"I repeat that under international law the arbitration ruling, which Slovenia considers to be binding on it, cannot be implemented without the consent of both parties. That's why I expect Slovenia to refrain from any unilateral moves so that any incidents are avoided," Plenkovic said.

Text: Hina

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