PM Plenkovic: We have done what responsible gov't should do

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday that he refused all arguments the Opposition provided for its motion for a no confidence vote in his cabinet, and that in connection with the Agrokor issue, the current government did all that "a responsible and serious government should do".

The motion for a no confidence vote, tabled by the Opposition led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP),  "has been written in an odd Croatian, as if you translated the text not necessarily from English," Plenkovic told parliament during the debate on the motion proposed by the Opposition.

The contract that the motion is about and which seems to have triggered off the Opposition's initiative has been the best solution at that moment so as to ensure new funding, he added.

Plenkovic recalled that on Thursday, a London court had recognised Croatia's law on emergency administration in Agrokor, so that no lawsuit filed in London would be viable, except as part of the emergency administration process.

This also confirms that the government is on the right track to solve the crisis in the heavily indebted Agrokor, Plenkovic said, adding that his cabinet would persevere on that journey towards the settlement of the Agrokor crisis for the sake of Croatia's well-being.

The government's efforts have twofold goals: We have put an end to mentioning what could have happened; secondly, it also ensures jobs and the functioning of that corporation in the future, the premier said.

Economy Minister Martina Dalic told lawmakers that Lex Agrokor had offered a multi-layered solution to the problem, having in mind the people's destinies. The destinies of 27,000 people and their families were at stake, they were faced with the possibility of non-payment of their salaries before this past Easter, whereas now their salaries are being paid in an orderly manner, she said.

She also recalled that when the crisis broke out, the destinies of small farmers and suppliers were at stake, too, since the bankruptcy legislation did not provide for paying them before the others.

The London court confirmed that so far this has been a well done job. The government does not control the creditors' council, given that the state's share in 57 billion kuna of the debt of that private corporation is 0.053%.

Earlier on Friday, the HDZ lawmakers' club described SDP leader Davor Bernardic's speech about the no-confidence motion as out of point and incomprehensible.

Text: Hina