PM says national civil protection authority to get new, bigger powers

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The national civil protection authority will get new, bigger powers, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said Monday, announcing a set of amendments to the law which the government is expected to forward to parliament under fast track procedure to minimise negative effects of the crisis caused by the corona virus.

Plenkovic told the Nova TV commercial broadcaster that the government wants to be transparant when it comes to the activities regarding the prevention of the epidemic, adding that the public would be informed about every detail in real time.

He said the complete centralisation in the decision making process was important.

At its session on Tuesday, the government will propose a set of measures primarily intended for the private sector, the prime minister said.

The parliament will discuss it under fast track procedure and adopt it by Thursday at the latest.

One of the measures aimed at helping the economy is for the state to pay out the minimum wage of 3,250 kuna, while employers would pay out the rest to match the workers' real salary, Plenkovic said.

Text: Hina