PM says state has shown strength, dismisses 'attempts to dismantle state'

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday the state had shown its strength with its response to the earthquake which hit central Croatia a week ago, dismissing "serious attempts to dismantle the state" and claims that the civil protection system had failed.

Asked by the press in Petrinja if yesterday's establishment of a task force to deal with the aftermath of the quake was a sign that the homeland security and civil protection system did not function in the first few days after the event, Plenkovic said, "No, that's not correct."

"There is no actor in the civil protection and homeland security system that wasn't on the scene, doing their job. On the contrary. And I thank them for that. All were here on the ground."

The task force was formed under the Civil Protection System Act, which talks about gradual problem-solving, Plenkovic said, adding that no one could immediately gauge the extent of the damage in Sisak-Moslavina, Zagreb, and Karlovac counties.

"In the year behind us, the state showed strength to help every citizen and the economy to an extent never seen before. That didn't happen except in the war," he said.

Task force formed to structure all activities

The prime minister once again thanked everyone who helped and was helping, reiterating that it showed the solidarity of the Croatian people, but added that now the task force's job was to structure all activities.

Plenkovic said this was not a race to see who was faster, the government, a city, a county or NGOs. We all have the same job and the job of the task force is to structure, channel and organise all that so that everyone in need gets help, he added.

"Let's not expect that after a 6.2 earthquake on the Richter scale, the whole situation in the county will look as if you came to a pharmacy. That's not realistic. This is a big calamity and I think everyone will make the maximum effort to make life easier for our fellow citizens."

Almost HRK 59 million paid into State Treasury

Plenkovic went on to say that almost HRK 59 million had been paid into the State Treasury to help the quake-hit area, calling it a big response. "That's a message of solidarity. I thank everyone."

The money will be distributed according to need, in agreement with the prefect, the mayors and the task force.

He added that more than HRK 35 million had been donated to the Croatian Red Cross.

Text: Hina