Prime Minister, his deputy address press after presenting reform package to ruling caucuses

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Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, who presented the government reform package to the ruling coalition caucuses at a joint session on Thursday, told reporters afterwards that the meeting went well, that there was no criticism and that everything was heading "in a positive direction".

"I believe it went well and I will present the reform programme at the government session later today. But overall, I believe things are moving in a positive direction," Oreskovic told the press after the meeting in the national parliament.

Asked if the reform package was criticised, Oreskovic said that it was not, adding that "people had questions."

"This is why we are here. To explain it. Today and tomorrow I will communicate to the public the importance of these reforms and the results they will bring," Oreskovic said.

The reform package will be sent to the European Commission by the end of the month, he added.

Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov agreed with Oreskovic, saying that the meeting was constructive and positive.

He said the PM presented the reform plan, that it was praised but also that suggestions were made as to how to further advance the reforms. This is only the beginning, Petrov said.

Asked about the pension and health reforms, Petrov said that they were only one segment of the reform programme.

(Text: Hina)

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